Meeting Minutes – 08/2014

August 2014 Order of Business:

Meeting is called to order on 19 August 2014. In attendance are: Dave Roberts (President), Bob Hoppe (Vice President), Olin Coles (Secretary and Media Director), Tony Sallaberry (Treasurer), Steve Archibald (Match Director), Mike Ceccarelli (Member), Ted Muller (Member), Don Myers (Member).

The Secretary read minutes of the previous meeting, which were unanimously approved by the Board of Directors.

The Treasurer report was approved as submitted.

The Media Director reported three new members since the last meeting. As of this meeting there are 142 primary members, 40 of which are brand new for 2014, and 49 reported/54 assumed additional family members for a total of up to 196 members. 2014 membership will cease at 200 members. The website continues to receive steady traffic, with 787 visits for 1949 page views in July. The most popular pages were: long range varmint match description, event schedule, hunter target practice day, smallbore silhouette match results, and walking varmint match description.

Unfinished business:

  1. Details for Bullseye pistol match scheduled for 10/5 have been published online, and RSOs have volunteered.
  2. Public Target Practice day was a success, with twelve participants shooting smallbore and steel to 100-840 yards.
  3. PVGC Long-Range Open House was a success, with fifteen participants shooting at 600 and 1000-yards.
  4. The three remaining Military Silhouette matches for 2014 have been cancelled and replaced with Steel Fun Days.  Steel targets will be placed at distances from 110 yards to 850 yards.  Shooters can practice for matches, get hard data for distances or just play.  For those who need help, spotters and advisers will be available.  For 2015, the third Saturday of the month will continue in the same fashion, giving competitors a practice day or novices a chance to try long range steel targets.
  5. FCSA still needs a replacement Match Director and Statistician for matches in 2015.
  6. It was clarified that the annual Christmas party is for PVGC members and their family only.
  7. Reservation for 200/300-yard practice on Monday 9/8 has been cancelled. Monday practices are discontinued.

New business:

  1. Secretary proposed that Mike Ceccarelli, a founder, be made an honorary life member. Quorum voted approval.
  2. Beginning 2015, membership will consist of $20 regular membership and $10 add-on family membership.

The President announced the next club meeting will take place at Tuesday 10AM on September 16th at Carrow’s Restaurant.

There being no further business, this meeting is adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Olin Coles
PVGC Secretary