Meeting Minutes – 10/2014

October 2014 Order of Business:

Meeting is called to order on 21 October 2014. In attendance are: Dave Roberts (President), Bob Hoppe (Vice President), Olin Coles (Secretary and Media Director), Tony Sallaberry (Treasurer), Steve Archibald (Match Director), Mike Ceccarelli (Member), Ron Rehn (Member), Neil Gift (Member), Casey Balkenbush (Member), Bill Zenz (Member), Don Johnson (Member), Emily Ladouceur (Member), and Erik Redinbaugh (Member).

The Secretary read minutes of the previous meeting, which were unanimously approved by the Board of Directors.

The Treasurer’s report was approved as submitted.

The Media Director reported that the club website continues to receive steady traffic, with 708 visits for 1616 page views for September. The most popular pages were: smallbore silhouette match results, smallbore silhouette match description, long range varmint match description, event schedule, and long-range F-Class match description. There are currently 203 total members as of this meeting, with 46 brand new members joining in 2014.

Unfinished business:

  1. Discussed 2015 match schedule corrections and changes. Two corrections are needed for the 1000-yard range.
  2. Three Military Silhouette matches will return for the 2015 season in Febuary, May, and July. Dave Roberts and Erik Redinbaugh will share match director duties.
  3. Neil Gift and Casey Balkenbush proposed a Tactical Precision match for the Silhouette range. A brief description was shared with the group, and a course of fire will be delivered at the next meeting. Don Johnson agreed to be the RSO for these events. Pending approval, dates in April and October were offered in place of practice events.
  4. The Walking Varmint Silhouette will be scheduled on a September date in place of a practice event.
  5. Silhouette Steel target practice will be scheduled on June, August, and November. Tony and Olin will RSO.
  6. NRA Hunter Pistol matches will be scheduled for the 2015 season on at the Smallbore range. Mike Ceccarelli will be the Match Director for this event, and Olin will RSO. Dates on Sunday will be offered as the Smallbore Silhouette secures Saturday reservations.

New business:

  1. Target stand alignment correction at the Smallbore range was offered by the County, and suggested by the Board.
  2. Dave addressed a complaint that a concealed pistol became exposed and pointed the muzzle back at a spotter during a match. He reiterated that the Club does not have any rule pertaining to open/concealed carry at club events, and explained that the Match Director is in charge of match policy and event safety.
  3. The Christmas party will begin preparations. Gifts need to be purchased, and a menu agreed on.

The President announced that the next club meeting will take place at 6:30PM Tuesday on 11/18 at Denny’s Restaurant on Plumb Lane near Costco.

There being no further business, this meeting is adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Olin Coles
PVGC Secretary