Special offer for PVGC members!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Special offer ONLY for PVGC members

Palomino Valley Gun Club member and Reloading International representative, Addison Mohler, has generously offered to use his purchasing power with national distributors to purchase firearms related products for PVGC members. With access to dealer pricing, Addison can buy at prices that mere mortals can only dream of. In some cases he can deliver powder and primers with no shipping or hazmat fees! Before you buy anywhere else, check with Addison!

Here’s how it works:

  1. when are ready to buy elsewhere, send the specific product details to Addison: addison@reloadinginternational.com)
  2. Addison will price compare through his distributors and return the best price available to you
  3. if you chose to purchase, he’ll collect payment and arrange for delivery

Oh, and more thing… you must be a current, paid, PVGC member, which will be verified.