Feb 17 3X600 Yard Prone Match Results

Clear skies and little or no wind greeted the shooters for the match. The temperature did not require too many layers as they were shed and the day progressed. Not much was showing in the flags but there was enough to put shots into the 9. The wind came up for Target 3 and some shooters said conditions were actually more consistent for the final target.

AR Tactical

Competitor target 1 target 2 target 3 total
Mark Ronchetti 186-8X 193-7X 193-5X 572-20X
Ron Adair 187-9X 182-0X 189-3X 558-8X
Marty Collmar 189-5X 195-7X DNF 384-12X



Competitor Target 1 Target 2 Target 3 Total
John Mason 196-7X 192-7X 192-5X 580-19X
Bob McBroom 189-2X 183-1X 192-3X 564-6X
Alex West 179-3X 195-10X 188-5X 562-18X
Ryan Harris 192-2X 178-1X 191-2X 561-5X
Monte Forbes 185-3X 188-4X 187-1X 560-8X
Teresa Herrea 141-0X 156-1X 124-0X 421-1X



Competitor Target 1 Target 2 Target 3 Total
Brian Fairchild 192-2X 194-7X 197-6X 583-15X
Mike Andrews 193-3X 188-0X 187-1X 571-4X
Larry Whitehouse 179-0X 194-5X 192-4X 565-9X