Introduction to NRA High Power Targets

Welcome to part 2 in our series of posts about NRA High Power Shooting. In this installment we discuss NRA High Power Targets. The information presented here is a summary of information from the NRA High Power Rule book.

At Palomino Valley Gun Club we shoot two different types of NRA High Power matches – 600 yard mid range and 1000 yard long range. We have the ability to shoot at 200 and 300 yards on our range, but as these shorter distances have lost favor with our members over the years, we gravitated towards the matches that club members want to shoot. That being said, should a sufficient number of members voice interest, matches at other distances would be considered.

NRA High Power Targets

All NRA High Power targets consist of concentric rings with a bullseye X in the center. Each ring has an assigned point value with 10 being the max. Hitting a ring increases the shooter’s score by the ring’s point value. Missing the target is scored as a 0. Typical courses of fire include 10, 15 or 20 shots per target which translates to a maximum score of 100, 150, or 200 points respectively. Note that the X and 10 ring have the same point value. In the event of tied scores, the shooter with more X’s wins. In scores are still tied after considering X’s, other means are used to determine the winner – see the NRA High Power Rule book for more information.

All NRA mid range and long range targets are mounted on 72″x72″ target frames. In some cases the area between the edge of the last ring and the edge of the target is assigned a point value, while in other cases, hitting this area is scored as a “miss”.

NOTE: knowing the dimensions of these targets is a valuable skill all high power shooters should have as its vital to estimating how far off-center shots must be corrected to in order to make center shots.

Example: targets ready to go up!

600 Yard Targets

There are two types of targets used at 600 yards – one for match rifles and one for f-class rifles.

Example: MR-1 Target

MR-1 Target

The MR-1 target is used for match rifles, service rifles, and tactical rifles (AR).

Ring Value Diameter (inches) Color
X 10 6.00 Black
10 10 12.00 Black
9 9 18.00 Black
8 8 24.00 Black
7 7 36.00 Black
6 6 48.00 White
5 5 60.00 White
72"x72" area 0 White

MR-1FC Target

The MR-1FC target is used for F-Open and F-TR rifles (i.e F-Class).

Ring Value Diameter (inches) Color
X 10 3.00 Black
10 10 6.00 Black
9 9 12.00 Black
8 8 18.00 Black
7 7 24.00 Black
6 6 36.00 Black
5 5 48.00 White
72"x72" area 0 White

1000 Yard Target

Like the 600 yard targets, two type of target are used at long range – one for target rifles and one for F-Class.

LR Target

Example: LR Target

The LR Target is used for match rifles and service rifles. There is no long range tactical rifle (AR) division at this time.

Ring Value Diameter (inches) Color
X 10 10.00 Black
10 10 20.00 Black
9 9 30.00 Black
8 8 44.00 Black
7 7 60.00 White
72"x72" area 6 White

LRFC Target

The LR Target is used for F-TR and F-Open rifles.

Ring Value Diameter (inches) Color
X 10 5.00 Black
10 10 10.00 Black
9 9 20.00 Black
8 8 30.00 Black
7 7 44.00 White
6 6 60.00 White
72"x72" area 5 White