26 August 2018 – NorNev Precision Rifle Match Results



Great weather and a good turnout made for an awesome match for NorNev Precision Rifle this month! Everyone had a great time with the new stages and we had a big showing from the NorCal Tactical shooters and as usual, they brought their “A” game.

Looking forward to the next match on September 23! We will be setting up a lot of stages that will serve as practice for the NorCal Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge being held in Sacramento from September 29-30 in which a few of our shooters will be competing.

Check out the new Facebook page for the NorNev Precision Rifle here! We will be posting lots of photos and providing information and connection opportunities for all those interested in the match.

Congratulations to Tom Mangham, Mike Moore, and Dave Christensen on their first, second, and third place finishes this month! Scores can also be found on Practicscore by clicking here!

Name Score
Tom Mangham 53.00
Mike Moore 50.00
Dave Christensen 47.00
Arvind Thube 46.00
Tina Pirini 46.00
Matthew Hornback 45.00
Drin Chow 38.00
Leeland Pate 37.00
Ian Devine 36.00
Brian Thatcher 35.00
Kevin Retterath 34.00
Todd Richardson 33.00
Dave Thompson 33.00
Todd French 32.00
Loren Burgess 32.00
Shalini Thube 31.00
Bryan Snyder 29.00
Shannon Meredith 27.00
Nathan Trapp 17.00
Craig Kenison 15.00