NorNev Precision Rifle Match Results – 31 March 2019

Tom Mangham killing a target from the new tire prop built by Dave Thompson

Now that the weather is sort of cooperative, the first match of the year went off without a hitch! Mild winds and new props made for a fun day on the range as we all shook the rust off of ourselves and our rifles.

Tom Mangham took home another win, followed by Joel Mangham in second, and Matt Hornback in third. Next month is going to be another fun one with new stages and hopefully some more new faces!

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and check out our website. We had quite a few new shooters this month that we would like to welcome to the NorNev Precision/Palomino Valley Gun Club family! And we can’t wait to see you all at the next NorNev Precision Rifle on April 21, 2019!

PlaceNameMatch Pts
1Mangham, Tom59
2Mangham, Joel48
3Hornback, Matthew47
4Neller, Chuck42
5Thompson, Dave41
6Thompson , Jim39
7Retterath, Kevin38
8Snyder, Bryan37
9Layman, Jake37
10Pete, Leland36
11Fairchild, Brian34
12Moore, Mike34
13Meredith, Shannon34
14Burgess, Loren26
15Pierini, Tina24
16Freiberg, Mike20
17Malone, Ricky19
18Petty, Daniel19
19Reader, Thomas19
20Bowers, Terry16
21Johnson, Alex15
22Stephens, Jessica12
23F, Todd10