Long Range Varmint Silhouette Match Results – 11 May 2019

What a day! The wind cooperated so much that no one was ready for it. Great match though, with lots of fun and even another few new shooters. The next Varmint match is 8 June, and we look forward to seeing everyone out there before the July heat hiatus!

Congratulations to the class winners this month: Tony Sallaberry (Master), Matthew Horn (Expert), David Tregellas (Sharpshooter), and Skyler Storm (Marksman); and a big CONGRATULATIONS to those that are classing up next month (marked below).

NameClassSquirrel (8)Crow (8)Chuck (8)Rabbit (8)Coyote (8)TotalClass Up
Sallaberry, Tony47758532
Thompson, Dave48557631
Mangham, Tom48764429
Downing, Dan46744526
Brewton, Mike45557325
Neller, Chuck45365423
Downing, Jason45655223
Johnson, Justin45653423
Lindholm, Dan48641423
Burgess, Loren42637422
Kirby, Doyal42663522
Johnson, Erica45324519
Malone, Ricky45454018
Fairchild, Brian44452318
Moore, Mike4143019
Horn, Matthew35763728
Meredith, Shannon37623725
Walkenhorst, Darren32765424
Schmidt, Phil36425522
Lange, Mike32444721
Collmar, Monte33543318
Forbes, Monte33570015
Adair, Ron34321414
Johnson, Don32540011
Kirby, Rick3131027
Tregellas, David28662628+
Devere, Jeff25835627+
McCoy Brett25326521+
Tan, Ace28323521+
Rhines, Steve25233316
Hawkins, Rich25151315
Wallace, Kevin2231028
Storm, Skyler16375728+
Johnson, Alex14542621+
Johnson, Craig10442515+
Easley, Gary13002510
DeSuiza, Felipe14030310
Egger, Hill1224019