Military Silhouette Match Results 2019-05-18

Ten shooters enjoyed perfect weather and each other’s company for this year’s second Vintage Military Silhouette Match.

Surprisingly there was no wind! “No way!” you say? Well, here’s a photo to prove it:

No Wind!

(More photos here.)

And for the second month in a row, an overcast sky meant every target was clearly visible. (Well, except for that one turkey that got a complete dusting from a close shot.)

Regardless of the weather, this match is always enjoyable. We always have a good group of shooters, and there’s always plenty of time for sighters and for getting all your shots for score. And when you’re shooting with iron sights, regardless if you score a hit or a miss, you’ll always benefit in some measure from it.

Our next match is Saturday, June 15. Junior shooters and newcomers are always welcome!

P.S. “Thank you!” to Chuck N. and Ricky M. for their outstanding work improving our range, especially the area in front of the Turkey targets. Now if we can only get a certain individual to correctly set the Turkey targets…

Match Winner Jim B. getting 7-out-of-10 Chickens Offhand!
Name Rifle Chickens Pigs Turkeys Rams Total
Jim B.
Shoot-off Winner
M1 Garand 7
10 5 4 26
Jim K. M1 Garand 3
10 7 6 26
Dave E.
Shoot-off Winner
M1 Garand
M1 Carbine
10 3 5 22
Dave R. 1903-A3 2
9 6 5 22
Roger B. 1903-A3 5 10 2 4 21
Phil S. M1 Garand 4
6 5 4 19
Ronnie S. M1 Garand 5 9 2 3 19
Sebastian S.
Junior Shooter
M1 Garand 6 5 2 5 18
Tom C. M1 Garand 9 6 1 0 16
Marty D. M1 Garand
M1 Carbine
1 7 2 2 12