May 18, 2019 3X600 Yard Prone Match

The day started with a high overcast and lazy flags and it stayed that way for the entire match.  The wind stayed down along with the temperature all day.  There was some mirage although the sun never shined.  It was a day to see how well a shooter can read the mirage.  

200-20X Possible per Target

Competitor Class Target 1 Target 2 Target 3 Total
Rick Lovelace AR Tactical 199-11X 199-11X 194-6X 592-28X
Robin Lovelace AR Tactical 197-9X 177-5X 198-4X 572-18X
Monte Forbes AR Tactical 194-5X 174-4X 182-1X 550-10X
Greg Brown Match Rifle 191-3X 185-3X 186-4X 572-6X
Mark Parrish Match Rifle 155-2X 187-2X 180-2X 522-6X
Paula Crenshaw Service Rifle 194-5X 194-10X 194-4X 582-19X
Bob McBroom F-TR 184-2X 195-4X 193-0X 572-6X