NorNev Precision Rifle Match Results – 23 June 2019

We had a beautiful day for shooting out at Palomino, almost no wind for most of the morning! Which, of course, meant that most of us were trying to fight wind that wasn’t there! Plus we were invaded by the NCPPRC from NorCal, which helped make the day super fun!

A huge thank you to all of our shooters who came and helped set up on Saturday, tear-down on Sunday, and helped make the day safe and fun!

Congratulations to our top finishers for the month: Jack Brown (1st), David Skitarelic (2nd), and Todd Henderson (3rd).

1Brown, Jack66
2Skitarlic, David62
3Henderson, Todd58
4Chipley, Jason56
5Hornback, Matt55
6Richardson, Todd54
7Devine, Ian54
8Mangham, Joel52
9Thatcher, Brian52
10Christensen, Dave51
11Mangham, Tom48
12Retterath, Kevin47
13Meredith, Shannon46
14Paris, Darryl43
15Moore, Mike42
16Balkenbush, Casey41
17Robertson, Bill35
18Stephens, Jessica30
19Snyder, Bryan30
20Ferrington, Clayton29
21Burgess, Loren29
22Petty, Daniel27
23Pate, Leeland26
24Bowers, Terry22
25Aninzo, Albert13
26Mcguire, Justin11

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See everyone in August!