Long Range Varmint Silhouette – 13 July 2019

It was a hot one! Lots of sun and lots of impacts! A few more new shooters joined us for the fun and quite a few people classed up.

The new 750 berm with the even newer Bobcat targets were a hit and provided a nice new challenge to the Master and Expert classes. Come out and join us for the next Varmint Match on August 14!

NameClassSquirrel (8)Crow (8)Chuck (8)Rabbit (8)BobcatCoyote (8)TotalClass Up
Dave Thompson474487535
Tom Mangham484375633
David Ryder473268531
Steve Benjamin473457430
Brian Fairchild482377229
Ricky Malone473265326
Jim Haynie472356326
Tony Sallberry443465426
Chuck Neller453146625
Mike Brewton432314215
Jeff Devere355675028
Mike Lange356446025
Don Johnson325434018
Monte Forbes31132007
Joseph Faccenda286860634+
Dinnis Bizeau257460729+
Ace Tan254650727+
Nick Knowles246630120
David Avila184430625+
Bill Mikota184160322+
Sylvan Amesbury152220718+
John Ingle12000002