NRL22 Match Results – 23 May 2020

We had a beautiful day and a full match at NRL22 this month. Ten shooters came out and kicked butt, even with the COVID requirements and the switchy winds we know and love to hate.

Congratulations to Loren Burgess for his tiebreaker time and win!

Any further matches for NorNev Precision and NRL22 (run by NorNev) will possibly be contingent on the lifting of the COVID requirements. So please keep checking here and on our Facebook page for updates.

PlaceNameScoreTiebreaker Time
1Burgess, Loren53058.12
2Hornback, Matthew53078.87
3Fairchild, Brian49069
4Bowers, Terry380110
5Stephens, Jessica37096.58
6Bazzone, Nick35064.05
7Rathbun, Paul250109
8Durman, Seth24079.01
9Gookins, Josiah21097
10Rathbun, David140101