PVGC Precision Rifle Match


Palomino Valley Gun Club is hosting monthly CENTERFIRE Precision Rifle Matches!

PVGC Precision Rifle centerfire matches are a practical rifle competition where shooters will engage targets from 100 to 850 yards utilizing shooting props and unique stages. New for 2020, we have also introduced a new “Prone Division”, in which competitors are able to shoot the entire course of fire in the prone position.

Each course of fire consists of 8 stages and approximately 80 total rounds fired. Competitors will need: a bolt action or semi-auto .223- .30 caliber- zerod Rifle with optic capable of dialing or holding for elevation, support bags such as a sandbags or similar, bipod, 100 rounds of ammunition (3200fps maximum), tripod with binoculars or spotting scope (not required but encouraged), eye and ear protection. Please arrive by 8:00 am to help setup, Safety brief must be attended by all shooters at 8:45.

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