Precision Rimfire/NRL22


Palomino Valley Gun Club is hosting monthly RIMFIRE Precision Rifle Matches!

PVGC Precision Rifle rimfire matches are a practical rifle competition based on the NRL22 format where shooters will engage targets from 25 to 300 yards utilizing shooting props and unique stages. New for 2020, we have also introduced a new “Prone Division”, in which competitors are able to shoot the entire course of fire in the prone position.

Each course of fire consists of 8 stages and approximately 80 total rounds fired. Competitors will need: a bolt action or semi-auto .22lr caliber (no exceptions) magazine fed- zerod Rifle with optic capable of dialing or holding for elevation, support bags such as a sandbags or similar, bipod, 100 rounds of ammunition (standard velocity, under 1150 fps preferred), tripod with binoculars or spotting scope (not required but encouraged), eye and ear protection. Please arrive by 8:00 am to help setup, Safety brief must be attended by all shooters at 8:45.

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