September 19th, 2020 3X600 Yard Prone Match

The day was cool, calm and sunny with very little smoke as compared to last month and recent weather.  The turnout was the best of the year.  Everyone got one good target in before a relatively light wind came up.  With the light wind, paying attention to what the flags were doing kept the left and right fliers to a minimum.  Due to the variability in the wind there were some relays that were easier than others.  If you are coming to a match, please try to bring a tablet with an internet browser.

F Open

200-20X Possible per Target

Target 1 Target 2 Target 3 Total
Bruce Ulrich 198-12X 193-6X 191-2X 582-20X
Dennis Bizeau 198-7X 193-6X 190-5X 581-18X
Mike Brewton 196-10X 197-4X 186-3X 579-17X
Steve Benjamin 199-7X 190-3X 189-2X 578-12X
Jim Haynie 194-4X 189-3X 192-1X 575-8X
Chuck Neller 197-5X 184-2X 192-2X 573-9X
Bob McBroom 196-4X 185-3X 174-7X 555-14X
David Ryder 189-3X 178-1X 185-2X 553-6X
Rudy Villasenor 188-2X 185-4X 163-0X 536-6X

AR Tactical

200-20X Possible per Target

Target 1 Target 2 Target 3 Total
Rick Lovelace 200-15X 196-10X 197-4X 593-29X
Robin Lovelace 193-10X 194-8X 185-3X 572-21X

Palma Rifle

200-20X Possible per Target

Target 1 Target2 Target 3 Total
Yvonne Roberts 198-9X 195-11X 197-4X 590-24X
Jerry Iliff 199-6X 196-5X 195-7X 590-18X
Greg Brown 197-9X 193-8X 186-3X 580-20X
Ben Lucchesi 200-7X 200-10X 138-4X(DNF) 538-21X
Jonathon Pimm 187-5X 176-1X 174-2X 537-8X
Claude Sapp 150-0X 180-3X 151-0X 481-3X