Oct. 2020 SB Silhouette

New shooter and a new record. Bruce Montgomery breaks the old record of 20 targets by 2. The morning was chilly but no wind. We had 14 shooters, one shooting in two classes. Congratulations to Greg Hinge for his A class win and being promoted to the AA class and Filipe De Souza promoted to A class non magnified.

Magnified Group

Class Name Score Place Notes
AA Mark Possin 18 1st Overall Match winner & traveling trophy
AA Don Johnson 17 2nd
AA Marty Collmar 14 3rd
AA Shihoko Johnson 14 3rd High Lady
AA Thang Doan 14 3rd
A Greg Hinge 17 1st AA class
A Ace Tan 15 2nd
A Jerry Gomolka 14 3rd
A Ken Harrison 13
A Amy Hinge 9
A Filipe De Souza 8
A Jim Brott 6
B Dale Henrie 4 1st
NC Bruce Montgomery 22 AA class

Non magnified

Class Name Score Place Notes
B Filipe De Souza 8 1st A class