PVGC Precision Rifle November 22nd TEAM MATCH!

The PVGC Team Match is intended to put a new shooter with an experienced shooter in order to work as a team to complete a challenging but FUN course of fire! We have 8 great stages planned to test a team’s ability to communicate and work together. We will also be having a small raffle where new shooters can pick up some great gear from our sponsors!

Registration opens at 5pm PST Sunday. Nov 1st!



  • 8 stages
  • 16 points possible per stage
  • You can pick your teammate or be assigned a teammate (will coordinate via email, prior to match start. PVGCprecisionrifle@gmail.com )
  • Round count: experienced shooter 64rds, novice 80rds
  • Teams will either shoot in tandem or one after the other in order to complete stages (stage dependent)
  • Teams are given 4 minutes to complete each stage
  • 10 rounds allowed for the novice shooter, 8 rounds allowed for the experienced shooter
  • Novice shooter is given 2 extra rounds to use as make up shots if needed.
  • If 2 novice shooters make a team, each novice shooter will be allowed 10 rounds per stage
  • If 2 experienced shooters make a team, each experienced shooter will be allowed 8 rounds per stage.
  • Minimum of one timed stage, used as tie breaker
  • Price- $20 per non-member, $15 per member
  • 24 total shooters (12 teams) MAX

Required gear:

  • Precision rifle/ammo capable of 1moa or better (10rd box magazine fed) w/bipod
  • Wrist coach or rifle mounted dope board for rifle dope
  • Ballistics solver or dope for your rifle, (230, 330, 425, 550, 665, 750, 850 yards)
  • Backpack
  • Support bag (gamechanger or similar)
  • Eye pro
  • Ear pro
  • Tripod with spotting scope or binoculars (recommended)
  • Pen/paper (recommended)