Smallbore Silhouette Club Championship

Congratulations to Don Johnson for his third consecutive championship.

Name Aggregate Score 2021 Class Assignment
Don Johnson 87 AA
Thong Doan 71 A
Marty Collmar 70 A
Doyle Andrews 63 AA
Mark Possin 57 AA
Shihoko Johnson 56 AA
Greg Hinge 52 A
Ken Harrison 47 A
Jerry Gomolka 46 A
Ace Tan 42 B
Amy Hinge 41 A
Filipe De Souza 40 A
Jim Brott 36 B
Bruce Montgomery 22 AA
Dale Henrie 21 B

Club championship criteria is the sum of the best five match scores.

Class assignment is the average of match scores with the lowest score not counted.