20 JUNE 2021 Mini Palma MATCH RESULTS

We had 13 folks shoot this month with 16 guns firing in the JUNE Mini-Palma as three participants each fired guns in two rifle classes. The day was fairly wind free, but what wind we did have was a little “switchy”, which did cause some lower scores in the later stages of the match for some shooters. That, however, did NOT prevent four shooters from posting scores of 450 in the Open Bench class and one 449 in FTR! ACE TAN took the high score travelling trophy home at the end of the match! The day started out with pleasant temperatures, but it did warm up a bit toward the end of the match, making us glad that we had cover creating shade over the firing line. In this match we instituted what is going to be the class structure that will be in use for the remaining 5 matches of the year, with there being FOUR rifle classes: Sling, FTR, Open Bench and Prone Bench.

ALSO, I’d like to thank Ricky Malone for running the line while I was taking my turn at shooting and Ace Tan and Thang Doan for taking over the recording and organizing of all shooters’ scores, making the awards ceremony at the end of the match a LOT LESS “nutty” for me and greatly aided in the match running much more smoothly than in the past and DID get us all out of there by about 10:45 AM.

Ace Tan Anschutz N/A 450-40X 1st
Thang Doan Vudoo N/A 450-36X 2nd
Doyle Andrews Anschutz N/A 450-35X 3rd
Mark Possin Anschutz N/A 450-22X 4th
Ken Harrison Anschutz N/A 445-24X 5th
Marty Colmar PNC N/A 444-26X 6th
Filepe DeSouza CZ N/A 436-17X 7th
?? ?? N/A 429-13X 8th
Mike Ceccarelli Anschutz N/A 427-13X 9th
Jim Brott Ruger N/A 412-17X 10th
Dale Henrie Savage N/A 396-4X 11th
Craig Johnson Vudoo N/A 443-15X 1st
Shihoko Johnson Rem 40X N/A 438-14X 2nd
Thang Doan ?? High Master 449-33X 1st High Master
Ricky Malone KIDD Master 437-15X 1st Master
Don Johnson Rem 40X Expert 419-20X 1st Expert

NOTE: FTR has three SHOOTER CLASSES, which are, in descending score order, HIGH MASTER (441 to 450), MASTER (434 to 440) and EXPERT (0 to 433) and these classes have been applied to individual FTR shooters as a result of scores shot in this match! These shooters’ classifications will be advanced as dictated if/when their scores move upward. SLING, OPEN BENCH, and OPEN PRONE are RIFLE CLASSES and are ONE shooter classification for the entire class!!!