Military Silhouette 2021-06-19

After a bitterly cold February match, whiteout snow in March, and an overcast, windy, with a bit of rain in May, Phil told me June’s weather better be in the 80s, sunny and calm. Well, Phil got his wish (although the temperature did reach the mid 90s).

“Anyone Can Hit the Big Parts!” Dave bested ten other competitors with a high score of 27. “New Furniture” Phil, who once again employed Psy Ops to confound fellow shooters by rearranging the number boards on the Rams at yards, came in second place with a score of 24. Roger earned third place with a score of 23.

We welcomed back Hannah and Sylvan, and returning after some years, Russ. Russ’ son, Will, shot his first Mil-Sil match using a borrowed rifle, scoring a respectable 18. Asked after the match if he would return again despite our friendly banter, Will replied yes, he would.

Hannah behaved herself this match by not breaking one (or more) rifles, and by only “wounding” two or three Chicken stands.

One compelling reason to attend our Mil-Sil match is: it’s a perfect venue to take one (or more) vintage military rifles you haven’t shot in ages out from the back of your safe for some trigger time. However, when reality doesn’t match expectations and your scores plummet from last month’s results, you realize that yes, some rifles do in fact belong in the back of a safe.

“Thank you!” to each shooter for attending the Mil-Sil match, and for making it a pleasure to run and shoot! We hope to see all y’all at our next match on Saturday, July 17th.

Note: Started by Dave, September is our optional “Four Gun Match” wherein you’re encouraged to bring four different vintage military rifles, one per stage. Can’t bring four? Bring what you can even if it’s just one (i.e., a normal match). So now’s a good time to start planning ahead.

Name Rifle(s) Chickens Turkeys Pigs Rams Total
Dave M1 & 1903A3 6
4 10 7 27
Phil M1 Garand 8 2 10 4 24
Roger M1A 4 5 9 5 23
Jim K. M1 Garand 6
6 3
7 22
Jim B. M1 Garand (.308) 4
1 10 6 21
Hannah M1A 6 2 9 2 19
Will M1A (Borrowed) 8 2 6 2 18
Sylvan M1A 4 3 7 3 17
Russ M1A 4 2 7 0 13
Mark No. 4 Mk1 Enfield 2
3 4
0 9
Filipe K31,
.357 Lever Action,
.44 Magnum Henry Single Shot

Here are the handicap standings (i.e., who is shooting what offhand) for the next match:

Name Chickens Pigs Turkeys
Jim K.
Jim B.

There’s only one photo from this month’s match, a very rare sight indeed: