PVGC NRL22 June Results

What an awesome day in the Nevada heat! We had a well seasoned pool of competitors along with a few new shooters that made for a very fun time hitting steel out to 230 yards! We hope to see everyone again next month! Congratulations to the winner, Erik Severson, who dropped 3 targets the ENTIRE day.





PlaceNameMatch PtsMatch %
1Severson, Erik770100.00 %
2Richardson, Todd73094.81 %
3Christensen, David72093.51 %
4Bibb, Jon69089.61 %
5Thatcher, Brian67087.01 %
6Woodhouse, Scott67087.01 %
7Cravillion, Adam65084.42 %
8thompson, dave61079.22 %
9Duque, Steve60077.92 %
10Ho, Calvin59076.62 %
11Hornback, Matthew57074.03 %
12Bowers, Terry54070.13 %
13Zamora, Doug53068.83 %
14Duque, Garett51066.23 %
15Alred, Brady50064.94 %
16Cortez, Michael47061.04 %
17Case, Chad39050.65 %