PVGC PR Team Match Results

We had an awesome crowd of talented shooters from all over Nevada and California. The PRO/AM format and COF made it so each team would have to work together in order to manage communication, data, gear and the almighty equalizer, the wind.

A big thanks to all of the shooters that came out, put in the work and made it well worth while. We hope to see you again at the next one!





PlaceNameMatch PtsTimeMatch %
1Matthew Hornback, Nick Lighthouse96179.46100.00 %
2Dave Thompson, Travis Bertrand95161.9598.96 %
3Adam Cravillion, Johannes Bachmann93129.4796.88 %
4Erik Severson, Terry Bowers87123.0190.63 %
5David Christensen, Steve Duque81198.0184.38 %
6Jon Bibb, Russell Frazier72118.9875.00 %
7Nathan Trapp, Todd Richardson72144.8275.00 %
8Scott Woodhouse, Bobby Kolvet71188.0673.96 %
9Joel Mangham, Cody Hiddie70120.5672.92 %
10Jessica Hornback, Jessie Greer70126.472.92 %
11Todd Richardson, Albert Aninzo65150.6767.71 %
12Brian Fairchild, Jeff Devere64124.2166.67 %
13Bryan Snyder, Jordan Wilcher62135.5264.58 %
14Calvin Ho, Dave Welsh6016162.50 %
15Loren Burgess, Brian Williams60199.162.50 %
16Neil Gift, Luciano Meloni50206.5952.08 %
17Jesse Tye, Garret Duque47226.6648.96 %
18Michael Draeger, Danny Draeger46170.5547.92 %