18 JULY 2021 Mini Palma Match Results

We had 19 shooters this month for a total of 20 guns firing in the competition, as one shooter elected to shoot two classes. The day was pretty nice considering that the valley around Reno was pretty smokey, with pretty mild temperatures and only light (but kinda inconsistent) winds, We had a few VERY nice scores shot in spite if the “fish taily” winds, with Dan Lindholm firing a perfect numerical score of 450 with 41 Xs. Pretty darned good!! Dan was also the OPEN PRONE winner and was the winner of the high overall score, so he was awarded the traveling trophy! Dan ran the line for the even numbered relays so that I could shoot in the match and I thank him for that. I’d  also like to thank Ace Tan and Thang Doan for taking care of the scoring chores!

Dan Lindholm Vudoo Open PRONE 450-41X 1st
Shihoko Johnson Rem 40X Open Prone 449-35X 2nd
Craig Johnson Vudoo Open Prone 442-18X 3rd
Cole Johnson CZ Open Prone 427-14X
Doyle Andrews Anschutx Open Bench 450-36X 1st
Ace Tan Anschutz Open Bench 450-33X 2nd
Thang Doan Vudoo Open Bench 449-31X 3rd
Marty Colmar Anschutz Open Bench 449-25X 4th
Mark Possin Unknown Open Bench 446-26X 5th
Chris Petersen Unknown Open Bench 434-11X
Ken Harrisson Anschutz Open Bench 433-23X
Felipe De Souza Weirauch Open Bench 430-5X
Mike Ceccarelli Anschutz Open Bench 427-15X
Dale Henrie Savage Open Bench 381-2X
Tom Hammond Unknown Open Bench 297-5X
Jim Brott Anschutz Open Bench (DNF)
Thang Doan Anschutz FTR Hi MAS 449-32X 1st
Patti Montgomery Ruger FTR Master 435-14X 1st
Bruce Montgomery Ruger FTR Master 429-12X 2nd
Don Johnson Kimber 82G FTR Expert 443-26X 1st (MOVES UP in CLASSES)