19 SEP Mini-Palma MATCH Results

19 SEP 2021 Match report

In spite of some pretty brisk winds, we had 10 shooters show up to shoot, several of whom shot 2 guns for a total of 13 guns in the match. The winds, in addition to blowing pretty hard, were variable in direction and gust intensity, yet we had some pretty darned good scores shot with the top OPEN BENCH shooter, Ace Tan putting a 446-27X on his target and Thang Doan recording a 447-30X in the High Master FTR category!! WOW, huh? The breeze did make it more cool (cold?) than what we denizens of warmer climates are used to, but all in all it was a pretty nice day. I’d like to express my thanks to both of those guys for helping with the scoring as stuff and to Mike Ceccarelli for calling the line to enable me to shoot.

Shooter Name Rifle Class Score Place
Ace Tan Anschutz Open 446-27X 1st Place
Thang Doan Voodu Open 445-24X 2nd Place
Marty Colmar Anschutz Open 441-23X 3rd Place
Filipe De Souza Weirauch Open 434-9X
Mike Ceccarelli Anschutz Open 418-16X
Chris Petersen Savage Open 416-13
Fiipe DeSouza (2nd Gun) Weirauch Open 405-7X
Tom Hammond Savage Open 376-2X
Thang Doan CZ(??) H/M FTR 447-30X 1st Place
Don Johnson Kimber 92G HM/FTR 435-20X 2nd Place
Bruce Montgomery Ruger M/FTR 426-12X 1st Place
Marty Colmar Win 52 M/FTR 421-9X 2nd Place
Patti Montgomery Rugger M/FTR 316-5X 3rd place