Sept. Rimfire Silhouette Results

Great Weather with great scores. Mark Possin bested us all with a 31 winning the Magnified Master class and Over All Match winner. Marty Collmar shooting in the Non-Magnified Expert class scored a 30!


Class Name Score Place Notes
Master T. Doan 28 2nd
Master B. Montgomery 28 2nd
Master M. Possin 31 Ist Match Champion
Expert D. Andrews 21 3rd
Expert J. Brott 25 2nd
Expert D. Jun 29 1st
Expert P. Montgomery 21 3rd High Lady
Sportsman F. De Souza 22 2nd promoted to Expert
Sportsman K. Harrison 24 1st promoted to Expert
Sportsman D. Henrie 13 3rd
Unclass Tom Hammond 13 promoted to Sportsman
Unclass Chris Peterson 30 promoted to Expert


Master T. Doan 23 1st demoted to Expert
Expert M. Ceccarelli 25 2nd
Expert M. Collmar 30 1st
Expert A. Tan 22 3rd
Sportsman F. De Souza 18 1st
Sportsman R. Malone 15 2nd