November Smallbore Silhouette Match Results

The chilly windy weather didn’t faze the shooter raised in northern Minnesota with Don Johnson dominated the competition scoring a 35. Patti Montgomery beat all the guys in the Expert class. We had 11 shooters braving the elements. We are looking forward to next year’s competition with new very reactive targets. Thanks for the help and cooperation.

Class Name Score Place Comments
Master Don Johnson 35 1st Match Champion
Master Bruce Montgomery 28 3rd
Master Mark Possin 31 2nd
Expert Doyle Andrews 27 2nd
Expert Jim Brott 22
Expert Felipe De Souza 20
Expert Ken Harrison 23 3rd
Expert Patti Montgomery 28 1st
Expert Chris Peterson 16
Sports Tom Hammond 15 1st
Expert Non Mag Ace Tan 17 1st
Sports Non Mag Felipe De Souza 18 1st