21 NOV 2021 Mini-Palma Results

For our November match (last Mini-Palma for the year!) we had a fairly chilly early morning turning to a pretty nice day for shooting that again turned more than just a little nippy when the breeze started picking up around 10:10 AM or so. When that breeze started and then increased in strength, it made the shooting kind of a challenge and staying warm even more of a challenge. In spite of all that, we had fifteen shooters on the line and a total of 16 guns fired in the match due to one shooter participating twice in O/B with separate rifles. Among the shooters, Doyle Andrews took “high Overall” with a 450-24X and John Glidewell (new shooter to the Mini-Palma) shot a 446-23X on his first try at the game! I’d like to extend my thanks to Dan Lindholm for taking over running the firing line while I was shooting (Dan did NOT shoot!), to Ace Tan for taking care of the scoring duties and to all the shooters that pitched in helping in various other ways. ALSO, I’d like to mention that we have 8 Mini-Palms that should go on the PVGC calendar for next season ( think all of them on the third Sunday of months APR- NOV), but that we will have a change in the classes and in some of the targets we shoot for one class (Smallbore F-Open). Please read the updated match description, which is fairly detailed and describes both rifle classes AND shooter classifications.

Competitor, Rifle Type, Class, Score, place

Doyle Andres, Voelken, O/B, 450-24X, 1st

Ace Tan, Anschutz, O/B, 449-34X 2nd

Marty Colmar, Unk, O/B, 447-27X, 3rd

Marty Colmar, Unk, O/B, 446-25X,

Don Johnson, Kimber, O/B, 434-16X

Ken Harrison, B14, O/B, 423-20X

Filipe De Souza, Unk, O/B 423-9X

Tom Hammond, Savage, O/B, 418-7X

Chris Peters, Savage, O/B, 396-11X

Jim Brott, Ruger, O/B, 318-3X

Mark Possin, Anschuts, O/B, DNF

Shihoko Johnson, REM, O/P, 442-29X, 1st

Craig Johnson, Vudoo, 439-24X, 2nd

John Glidewell, Ruger, FTR, 446-23, 1sr

Patti Montgomery, Unk, FTR, 437-12X, 2nd

Bruce Montgomery, Unk, FTR, 424-11X