17 APRIL 2022 Mini-Palma Results

In spite of the strong winds in the area making me wonder for the previous WEEK, it turned out to be a quite good day for shooting the Mini-Palma. The wind laid down nicely, though what little there was turned kinda switchy so it challenged most all of the shooters, but the temps were pretty nice. This was our first Mini-Palma of the year and we had 19 rifles shot in the match, but not quite that many shooters due to the fact that several shot in more than one class. In spite of the pretty decent weather, we had only one score of 450 shot (by Thang Doan), who was declared Match Winner and he took home the NEW CAR (model!), which is the travelling trophy for MATCH WINNER. The scores below have been (hopefully) corrected based upon the core sheets, which got misinterpreted/mismarked at the match. if I Owe anyone a ribbin, please let me know and I will fix that. I DO think that some people may have gotten skipped over!



Thang Doan, Anschutz, F-Open, 447-22X, 1st

Dan Lindholm, Vudoo, F-Open, 433-12X, 2nd

Craig Johnson, Vudoo, F-Open, 431-17X, 3rd

Ace Tan, Anschutz, F-Open, 425-3X

Marty Colmar, ??, F-Open, 417-8x

Mark Possin, Anschutz, F-Open, DNF

Teo Brady, Bliker?, Open P/B, 449-39X, 1st

Colby Sukumoto, Anschutz, Open P/B, 436-15X, 2nd

Shihoko Johnson, Rem 40X, Open P/B, 440-24X, 3rd

Ken Harrison, B14R, Open P/B, 436-15X

Thang Doan, Anschutz, FTR Hi-Master, 450-34X, 1st

Mike Moore, Kidd, FTR Hi-Master, 444-25X, 1st

Don Johnson, 40X, FTR Hi-Master, 444-21X, 2nd

Shannon Merideth, CZ457, FTR Hi-Master, 442-24X, 3rd

Ace Tan, Anschutz, FTR Hi-Master, DNF

Marty Colmar, 541T, FTR-Master, 446-28, 1st

Chuck Neller, Vudoo, FTR Master, 442-23, 2nd

Bruce Montgomery, Ruger, FTR-S, 433-10X, 1st

Patty Montgomery, Ruger, FTR-S, 432-13, 2nd

Chris Peterson, Savage, FTR-S, 386-9X, 3rd

Tom Hammond, Savage, FTR-S 322-4X,