Smallbore Silhouette April Results

It was a beautiful day for a match. The hits on the new targets sounded like a xylophone. The shooters like the new targets and the prizes. Shihoko Johnson bested all with the high over all score of 36.


Class Name Score Place Notes
Master Bruce Montgomery 34 1st
Master Don Johnson 31 2nd
Master Amy Hinge 27 3rd won shoot off
Master Thang Doan 27 4th lost shoot off
Master Chuck Neller 26
Expert Shihoko Johnson 36 1st HOA & High Lady Master class
Expert Marty Collmar 31 2nd Master class
Expert Greg Hinge 30 3rd
Expert David Jun 29
Expert Patti Montgomery 29
Expert Ken Harrison 26
Expert Chris Peterson 26
Expert Felipe De Souza 18
Sports Jim Brott 30 1st Expert class
Sports Dave Gross 29 2nd
Sports Tom Hammond 8 3rd

Non magnified

Class Name Score Place Notes
Expert Ace Tan 27 1st
Expert Thang Doan 26 2nd
Expert Marty Collmar 19 3rd
Sport Rickey Malone 20 1st
Sport Felipe De Souza 11 2nd