Palomino Valley Gun Club Meeting Minutes May 3rd 2022 

Location: Brasserie Saint James 

Members Present (partial list) 

Ace Tan – Treasurer 

Ben Lucchesi – President 

Greg Brown – Vice President 

Monte Forbes 

Don Johnson 


Bob Hoppe 

Dan Lindholm 

Matt Hornback 

Discussion Topics 

1. Current club President Ben Lucchesi is relocating out of state starting 6/1/2022. The  club bylaws article VI, section B(2) state “ In case a vacancy shall occur in the office of  the President, the Vice President shall serve for the balance of the term”. 

a. The current Vice President is Greg Brown. He will assume the role of club  President for the remainder of the current term which ends 12/31/2022 b. As President, Greg Brown needs to be added to the club bank account ASAP. c. Ben Lucchesi will be removed from the bank account. 

2. Procedures for match directors to pick up and drop off range gate keys from the WCSF  range master 

3. Anticipated capital expenses for the remainder of 2022 

4. Plans for the NVLR championships which will be held Memorial Day weekend 5. Meeting adjourned 8 PM.