What a nice day to shoot! Temperatures were mild and the wind was maybe 3 or 4 miles an hour at worst but was switchy enough to challenge the competitors. We had some nice scores shot with Thang DOAN producing the high score of the day with a 450-39X while competing in the FTR High Master classification. Altogether we had 14 guns on the line with several of those being competitors that shot in two classes, so we didn’t have 14 individuals on this day, but did have 12 individuals attending. Several competitors will be moved to a high classification for future matches due to earning the move by shooting great scores!

Competitor Rifle Classification Score Place NEW CLASS^^?
Thang Doan Unk F-OPEN 445-23X 1st
Marty Colmar Unk F-OPEN 406-8X 2nd
Craig Johnson Vudoo F-OPEN 405-1X 3rd
Cole Johnson CZ OPEN 445-20X 1st–NEW CLASS!
Shihoko Johnson Rem 40X OPEN 442-23X 2nd–NEW CLASS!
R. Malone BRNO OPEN 440-20X 3rd–NEW CLASS!
C. Petersen Unk OPEN 431-11X 4th
Thang Doan Unk FTR-HM 450-39X 1st
Marty Colmar Rem 741 FTR-HM 448-31X 2nd
Ace Tan Anshutz FTR-HM 443-19X 3rd
Don Johnson Rem 40X FTR-M 447-26X 1st–NEW CLASS!
Tom Hammond Unk FTR-S 410-10X 1st
C. Neller Unk UNCL 446-31X NEW CLASS!
W. Peterson Unk UNCL 436-1xX NEW CLASS!