21 AUG 2022 Mini-Palma Match

This Sunday turned out to be a quite nice day with temperatures not too bad (not to mention that we were finished by 10:00 AM) and winds that were almost non-existent, but did throw in a few little “gotchas” during the shoot just to keep the shooters on their toes! We had a total of 17 guns on the line, but only 15 shooters, as two shooters shot in more than one classification. Thang Doan took the high score of the match with a 450-44X!! I’d like to say thanks to the folks who helped act as RSOs for the match and to Thang Doan and Ace Tan who did the “scoremeister” job.


NAME, Rifle, Class, Score, Place, NEW Class??

Craig Johnson, Turbo, F-Open, 447-27X, 1st,

Thang Doan, Anschutz, F-Open, 442-23X, 2nd

M Collmar, Anschutz, F-Open, 441-27X. 3rd

Bob McBroom, Vudoo, F-Open, 439-22X

Ace Tan, Anschutz, F-Open, 436-19

Mark Possin, Anschutz, F-Open, 427-11

Ricky Malone, DNF

Shihoko Johnson, 40X, DNF

Chris Petersen, Savage, OPEN, 446-27, 1st, NEW Class = F-Open

Tang Doan, Anschutz, FTR Hi-Master, 450-44X, 1st

Marty Collmar, 5UIT, FTR Hi-Master, 447-33X, 2nd

D. Johnson, 40X, FTR Hi Master, 447-27X, 3rd

Ken Harrison, Bergare, FTR Hi-Master, 444-23X

Craig Johnson, Turbo, UNC, 446-34X, Unc,, 446-34X, New Class = FTR Hi-Master

Bill Petersen, CZ, FTR Master, 448-21X, 1st

Tom Hammond, Savage, FTR Sportsman, 411-8X, 1st

Dale Henrie, Savage, FTR-sporstsman, 391-10, 2nd