Sunday the 16th of October 2022 turned out to be VERY nice day for shooting. We had cooli temps in the early AM which then turned somewhat warmer, but there was essentially no wind—maybe a mile or two per hours a times, but that was it. We had several perfect 450s shot with X counts into the 30s!! Marty Colmar was the overall high scorer with 450-36X!! A total of 17 guns with 15 shooters, two of whom shot 2 rifles in separate classes. And we were all DONE by a quarter past 10 AM!! I’d like to say thanks to Dan Lindholm who ran the firing line when it was my turn to shoot and to Ace Tan who, with Dan’s help did the scoring duties.

COMPETITOR RIFLE Classification Score Place NEW CLASS?
C. Johnson Turbo F-OPEN 450-30X 1st
Marty Colmar Rum F-OPEN 448-36X 2nd
Dan Lindholm Vudoo F-OPEN 439-22X 3rd
Bob McBroom Vudoo F-OPEN 438-17X
Cole Johnson ????? F-OPEN 430-11X
S. Johnson Rem 40X F-Open DNF NEW CLASS= OPEN
Ricky Malone BRNO F-OPEN DNF
Ken Harrison ???? OPEN 444-32X 1st
Marty Colmar Anschutz FTR-Hi Master 450-36X 1st
Colby Sakamoto Anschutz FTR-Hi Master 450-33X 2nd
Don Johnson Rem 40X FTR-Hi Master 450-33X 3rd
Ace Tan Anschutz FTR-Hi Master 447-29X
Mark Possin Vudoo FTR-Hi Master 445-31X
Bill Patterson CZ FTR-Hi Master 440-17X
R. Malone KIDD FTR-Hi Master 427-15X
Jim Brott ???? FTR-Sportsman 330-5X 1st
Dale Henrie ???? FTR-Sportsman 327-5X