PVGC 2022 Precision Rifle Finale Results!

We had 27 shooters attend the 2-day finale for the 2022 season. The weather was a huge variable and created some very challenging conditions as shooters completed a 12 stage, 126rd course of fire. Saturday’s stages included 6- 90sec, 1 bag only stages, and Sunday stages were 6- 12rd, 120-second stages.

The match tested shooters’ abilities to work complex problems with strategy, memory, physical ability and wind calling. Despite the adverse weather shooters maintained a very high hit percentage, with the winner hitting over 90% of available targets.

At the end of it all a winner and season champion was crowned.

Congratulations to:

Sportsman’s award – Steve Duque

2022 Season Champion – Matt Hornback

2022 Season 2nd Place – David Christensen

2022 Season 3rd Place – Loren Burgess

We look forward to seeing everyone next season!

Match and Season winner, Matt Hornback on the See-Horse stage



Season Scores:




Doug Earl flipping the cards for the Color Barricade stage