20 NOV 2022 Mini-Palma Results

This was our last MiniPalma match for the 2022 Season.  We have decided to give Don Johnson a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off so that he can enjoy shooting the match with out any worries and thank you Don for running all the previous matches and helping run the lines while I was shooting.  We have 9 shooters, and a total of 11 guns, as two shooters shot in two different classes. The morning started off with 5 Degrees and slowly warmed up to 30 Degrees by 10am, in which we have finished the match. The wind was calm with 1 to 2 MPH for the most part.  The highest score was in FTR Hi-Master with 450-35x.  I would like to thank Ace Tan for doing the scoring, and Colby Sakumoto for helping with the scoring and works with other shooters to put new targets on to the stands.

COMPETITORRIFLEClassificationScorePlaceNEW Class?
Thang DoanAnschutzF-OPEN448-27X1st
Craig JohnsonTurboF-OPEN447-31X2nd
Marty CollmarREMF-OPEN443-11X3rd
Ken HarrisonBergaraOPEN446-21X1stNEW CLASS = F-OPEN
Thang DoanAnschutzFTR H. MASTER450-35X1st
Colby SakumotoAnschutzFTR H. MASTER450-33X2nd
Ace TanAnschutzFTR H. MASTER448-28X3rd
Marty CollmarAnschutzFTR H. MASTER447-27X4th
Mark PossinVudooFTR-H. MASTER446-16X5th
Don JohnsonRem 40XFTR-H. MASTER443-21X6th
Jim BrotSavageFTR Sportsman421-12X1st
Thang and his Annie.
Marty is racking that bolt.
Ace is focused like a Laser Beam.
Craig is trying to get that Turbo-Lag tuned out.
Mark and his new Vudoo.
All the usual suspects on the line up.
We’ve braved the cold.