Meeting Minutes – 02/2014

February 2014 Order of Business:

Meeting is called to order on 18 February 2014. In attendance are: Dave Roberts (President), Olin Coles (Secretary and Media Director), Tony Sallaberry (Treasurer), Scotty Strachan (Match Director), Steve Archibald (Match Director), Chuck Neller, and Mick Johnson.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and unanimously approved by the Board of Directors.

The Treasurer’s report was approved as submitted.

The Media Director reported a steady increase in visits to new website, successful viewing of email newsletters, and the popularity of online membership renewals. Olin delivered 1000 new business cards and a 3-foot banner for marketing purposes. The club has received 96 paid memberships as of this meeting, with 8 new members joining from the website.

Unfinished business:

  1. Two portable toilets approved per Andy Mink’s 10/22/13 response to Joe Melcher 09/10/13 email have been secured by Don Johnson for $350 each. Don and Steve Archibald have offered to locate and secure purchase of trailer to carry both portable toilets. Estimated cost for trailer from Harbor Freight was $375.
  2. Safety Dividers (“berms”) work that was partially funded by a $69,432 sub-grant from the Nevada Department of Wildlife for the Facility has completed. Andy Mink informed PVGC on 1/31 that work began on 2/3 and 2/10. Berm material came from positions 1-10 on 1000 yard range, and number boards have been shifted over to begin with position 11 (now position 1). A response message was sent to Washoe County requesting future inclusion.
  3. Clint Moschetti informed attendees that NRA Range Safety Officer training is scheduled for 8AM 02/22/2014.
  4. The new Smallbore Silhouette match was presented to those in attendance, and was received with interest.
  5. Bullseye Pistol matches have been requested of the club, and will be suggested in the next email newsletter.
  6. Club member Len Sims requested the Board select a meeting location with multimedia assets and be available to members on weekday evenings. No volunteer was present to research locations that meet requirements.
  7. Len Sims suggested firearm-related gifts and gift cards for the annual Christmas party. Gift wrapping, and the time spent purchasing gifts are all volunteered and donated. No volunteer was present to research alternatives.
  8. Discussed marketing the club on t-shirts and hats. No volunteer was present to research costs. Revisit in 2015.

New business:

  1. Maintenance on the silhouette range has been scheduled for 8AM on March 1st. Equipment needs were discussed and agreed. Volunteers will be allowed to shoot without fee once work is complete.
  2. Members suggested that matches have a documented course of fire and safety briefing to standardize events between the club’s match directors. This issue will be discussed at the next club meeting.
  3. The next club meeting will take place at 6:30PM Tuesday 3/18 at Paulie’s Pizza on 2309 Kietzke Lane.

There being no further business, this meeting is adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Olin Coles
PVGC Secretary