Meeting Minutes – 03/2014

March 2014 Order of Business:

Meeting is called to order on 18 March 2014. In attendance are: Dave Roberts (President), Bob Hoppe (Vice President), Olin Coles (Secretary and Media Director), Tony Sallaberry (Treasurer), Scotty Strachan (Match Director), Steve Archibald (Match Director), Chuck Neller (Member), Joe Melcher (Member), Dan Lindholm (Member), Don Bagley (Member), Glen Contreras (Member), Kevin Masulo (Member), Ted Muller (Member), Dennis McEntyr (Member), Herb Morgan (Member), and Emily Ladouceur (Member).

The President read minutes of the previous meeting, which were unanimously approved by the Board of Directors.

The Treasurer’s report was approved as submitted.

The Media Director reported a continued success in exposure with the new club website. Online membership renewals and interest in the email newsletter have exceeded expectations. The club has received 113 paid memberships as of this meeting, with 20 new members joining in 2014. Palomino Valley Gun Club was also added into the Yellow Pages directory and online business index. NBRSA, FCSA, and CMP affiliation memberships were audited, and outdated information was updated to help return value for PVGC payments. Olin has posted event notices online at Nevada Shooters, Cal Guns, AR-15, Snipers Hide, Benchrest Central, Accurate Shooter, and Rimfire Central. The commercial sponsorship renewal with Nevada Shooters was negotiated at a much lower cost, and is paid up until 2/28/15.

Unfinished business:

  1. Secretary paid the Nevada annual list filing on 2/21/14 and e-filed IRS form 990-N on 3/16/14.
  2. RSO results have been filed with NRA and Washoe County. Members can make payment to NRA and get cards.
  3. Steve Archibald gave a status update on portable toilettes, stating the trailer will be ready in two weeks.
  4. Dave discussed berm work and firing position changes for 1000 yard line. Joe warned about safety concerns during carrier maintenance. Kevin explained that forty new carrier frames are being built.
  5. Members in attendance found no reason to associate the club’s bank account with a dedicated PayPal account.

New business:

  1. Annual review of club bylaws. Suggested changes will be proposed at April meeting.
  2. Board approved bylaw mandate that annual insurance be reviewed at February club meeting prior to 4/1 renewal.
  3. President defined family membership as two adults and unlimited juniors at the same address.
  4. Board approved PayPal donation button to be displayed on the website.
  5. Received retirement notice from Len Sims on 02/20/14. Bob Hoppe volunteered to direct remaining 200-300 yard practice reservations at 1000-yard range scheduled on 5/12, 7/7, 9/8.
  6. Received retirement notice from Kevin Masullo on 03/02/14. Kevin and Dave will research interest from within match competitors before club determines future of FSCA matches for 2015 season.
  7. Received retirement notice from Joe Melcher on 03/11/14. After a one-week waiting period, Dave will cancel pending High-Power match reservations at PPC West range on 4/6, 5/4, 6/1, 7/6, 8/3, 9/7, 10/5, 11/2.
  8. Organize Hunter Sight-in Day/Shooting Clinic. Olin will research date in late August to early September (9/7).
  9. Olin will send a copy of his range safety brief to other match directors so they can tailor a briefing for themselves.
  10. Bob requested funding to purchase two large red flags. He will research pricing and propose at next meeting.

The President announced that the next club meeting will take place at 10AM on April 15th at Carrow’s Restaurant.

There being no further business, this meeting is adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Olin Coles
PVGC Secretary