Long Range Varmint Silhouette Match Results – 13 April 2019

What a great start to the season! Beautiful weather and awesome range conditions made for an excellent match with 34 shooters coming out to compete. We saw quite a few new shooters and many who returned after missing the last few matches last year.

Congratulations to the class winners Tony Sallaberry (Master), Shannon Meredith (Expert), Ron Adair (Sharpshooter), and Jeff Devere (Marksman), as well as all of those who will be classing up for the match next month!

Thank you all for coming out and being safe! We look forward to seeing you at the next Varmint practice on 4 May and the next Varmint match on 11 May!

NameClassSquirrel (8)Crow (8)Chuck (8)Rabbit (8)Coyote (8)TotalPercentageClass Up
Sallaberry, Tony4677753280%
Lindholm, Dan4783753075%
Neller, Chuck4758622870%
Johnson, Erica4766632870%
Strachan, Scotty4775663178%
Johnson, Justin4764542665%
Mangham, Tom4754722563%
Burgess, Loren4366642563%
Downing, Jason4755252460%
Thompson, Dave4663612255%
Fairchild, Brian4164652255%
Malone, Ricky4547322153%
Moore, Mike4347422050%
Brewton, Mike4552431948%
Ryder, David4514431743%
Haynie, Jim4442101128%
Meredith, Shannon3667452870%
Horn, Matthew3546282563%
Walzenhorst, Darren3366562665%
Collmar, Marty3414451845%
Hall, Patrick3232361640%
Forbes, Monte3115331333%
Lange, Mike3012621128%
Adair, Ron2746372768%3
Frederick, Billy2342061538%
Devere, Jeff1863683178%2
Wallace, Kevin1645572768%2
Durman, Seth1565262460%2
Rhines, Steven1724151948%2
O’Grady, Suzanne1166131743%2
Wallace, Mike1324331538%2
Egger, Hill1313141230%
DeSouza, Filipe130132923%
Ingle, John130002513%