Military Silhouette Match Results 2019-04-20

Over 154 days (5 months!) had elapsed since the last Military Silhouette match, so 12 shooters (including one Junior) were most eager to knock down steel. And today’s weather was favorable with 65 degree temperature and wind direction from SW to NE. Plus the overcast sky meant 100% target clarity at all ranges, which was especially welcomed for the turkey silhouettes.

One M1 Garand had a broken firing pin, and another one had an issue with the extractor. (As Del B. pointed out, clearly the shooters must have done something wrong because M1 Garands are infallible.) Regarding the broken firing pin: during the course of fire, the shooter field-stripped his rifle; removed the bolt and the firing pin; assessed the damage; reassembled the rifle; retrieved another shooter’s M1 Garand; and completed his string with one minute, twelve seconds to spare!

Speaking of rifles: our Military Silhouette match is also a venue for historically interesting rifles, such as a Vietnam-era pump-action chambered in 44 magnum (shown in the photo below) and an AG M/42B in pristine condition — which now holds our range record for furthest ejected cases!

Vietnam-era pump-action chambered in 44 magnum
Our Junior shooter Sebastian getting some trigger time.
M1 Garands dominated the line

There was a three way shoot-off for third place; the winner (Jim B.) was decided by shooting Pigs offhand.

Military Silhouette Results 2019-04-20
Name Rifle Chickens Pigs Turkeys Rams Total
Jim K. M1 Garand 8 10 4 7 29
David H. M96 & AG M/42B 10 8 6 4 28
Jim B. M1 Garand 8 9 6 3 26
Dave R. M1 Garand (borrowed) 5 10 5 6 26
Phil S. M1 Garand 10 10 6 0 26
Dave E. M1 Garand 9 4 3 6 22
John E. M1 Garand 10 8 3 0 21
Roger B. M1 Garand & Pump Action 2 4 6 5 17
Tom C. M1 Garand 7 8 0 2 17
Ronnie S. M1 Garand 3 6 3 4 16
Sebastian S. M1 Garand 4 7 0 4 15 (Junior)
Marty D. M1 Garand & M1 Carbine 4 3 1 5 13

The next match is scheduled for Saturday, May 18th. Set-up will begin at 7:30 A.M.